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Heatherose are a Netbiter Solution Provider meaning they can provide you with a solution to your remote monitoring needs.

Netbiter Solution Provider






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Click here to go to netbiter.net and find out more about this online management portal.


23rd May 2011
Heatherose wins contract with Nottingham Country Council to provide Netbiter Technology to a Eastwood Primary school.

The system will Measure energy consumption of the school, have an online weather station, interactive exercise cycle connected to a power generator.

The system is to provide interactive learning to students and provide detailed building performance information on line and in real time to Nottinghamshire County council Engineers.

21st May 2011
Netbiter selected to provide on line energy management for the new Student Accommodation for Newcastle University, the system will monitor the energy consumption on over 90 flats and report on excessive energy consumption and provide detailed energy cost information .

20th April 2011
Crown Cork Seal, Leicester  use Netbiter to save over 30% on their gas cooker systems running costsby measuring the gas flow and ensuring the burners run at optimum performance. The system highlights when servicing is required and when  maintenance is required to  keep the best  efficiency, Crown have decided to widen the use of Netbiter to other areas of the plant.

8th Feb 2011
RT Industria trial our new Mobile data logger using the EC220 GPRS remote monitoring technology, the system enables a portable test panel to be moved around large factories and record critical site data such as ,Energy, Pressure, Flow and Temperature.  The system has performed brilliantly and will be used on many other remote monitoring projects.